Another new character! (maybe…)

Here is another character design, I’m not actually 100% sure that I will actually use this character in my comic series ‘Mystery Club’ but I might…

If he does appear however, it will be in the next arc ( the 3rd one) which is going to begin in about 5 months? Maybe? I still have 2 more volumes of the 2nd arc to write.

Speaking of the 2nd arc, if this character really is going to appear in the 3rd arc he might just appear in the background of the 2nd arc first, just as a hint!

So, to conclude, if this character does appear at some point in the 2nd arc then that is an indication that he will be an important character in the 3rd arc!!! So look out for him, ’cause he might just appear!! (Or he might not…)



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