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Loco in Loonyland

Yeah, in case anyone hasn’t noticed, this is a (sort of ) parody of Alice in Wonderland with my character Amy Abnobotchi as the Mad Hatter and another one of my characers, Professor Loco, as Alice!

( *snigger*  Look at Amy ( Mad Hatter) casually pouring tea on Loco’s (Alice’s) head, poor him…)

See ya soon! (Hopefully…)




(by the way, these characters are from my comic Mystery club.)

Some Unfinished Hellsing Fan Art!

HOORAY! For me and my inability to finish sketches!!!

Anyway this sketch is suppose to be of Sir Integra Fairbrook Wingates Hellsing. Yep, the name is very long I still haven’t even memorised the entire thing yet!

She is from the anime ‘Hellsing’ which I watched for the first time a few days ago. She is one of my favourite characters from the anime so that’s why I decided to draw some very unfinished fan art of her!



Zoisite Art

Yep, more fanart… this time it’s sailor moon related!

So for some reason I have been watching anime for years and yet I’ ve never watched the classic anime sailor moon! Weird right?

So I watched it a few days ago (well I watched like the first 40 episodes there are freakin’ hundreds of them…) And for some odd reason Zoisite was my favourite character, seriously I was so sad when he died!!!

Anyway I decided to do a piece of art dedicated to him!

By the way does anyone think he looks almost Disney princess-like in this ’cause I do (maybe that’s just me…)

Oh well I think that’s all I have to say about this illustration of everyone’s favourite murderous lil’ rat!

See ya in my next post! (hopefully…)