I’m Changing Volume 1! (Sort Of…)

Yo, readers! This post is pretty much just to tell you that I am actually changing volume 1!!!

Well actually by changing it I just mean I’m going to be typing out all of the text instead of leaving it hand written. To be honest this probably isn’t necessary but I’m gonna do it anyway just for my own satisfaction because i just feel like my hand writing in that book      is so messy, it just get’s on my nerves!!!

Anyway I have to attempt to change all the writing in the next couple of days so I can print out more volume 1’s and have them arrive in time for the next convention!

So wish me luck…



Dekko Sketches

This character is actually not from my comic ‘Mystery Club’ she is actually from ‘Dekko Comics’.

Dekko Comics is a comic book created by Rossie Stone, it’s aim is to help children learn in a fun way! So if you are of primary school age than you should definitely check out the comic!





A1 Comics sells my comic!

Yesterday A1 Comics (a comic book shop in Glasgow) bought some more of my comics so now they also have every volume in the series so far!!

So if ya happen to be in Glasgow at any point and you walk past A1 Comics, you can just think to yourself ‘That shop has every volume of the Mystery Club and I’m probably the only one who knows! ‘




I just got an email from a fan and I’m happy!!! WOOOO!!!

Alright, let me elaborate, this morning at 7:00 a fan of my comic Mystery Club sent me an email saying that she loved my comic and she loved the character Amy Abnobotchi and she asked if I would be going to a convention near her ’cause she’d love to meet me!!!!!!!!!!!

HO! HO! HO! HO! HO! HO!! HO!!! HO!!!! HO!!!!! HO!!!!!! HO!!!!!!! HO!!!!!!!! HO!!!!!!!!! HO!!!!!!!!




Geek-a-boo Sells My Comic!!!

About 2 weeks ago I went to geek-a-boo ( a shop that now sells my book) to sign some of the  copies and have some pictures taken for their Facebook page.

The reason I haven’t post this on my blog until now is actually because, being the genius that I am, I couldn’t figure out how to save it…(Sigh….)

Anyway Geek-a-boo asked if I wanted to go to Glasgow Children’s Hospital Charity to read from my book and, of course, I said yes! So hopefully that will happen some time in the future!



Another new character! (maybe…)

Here is another character design, I’m not actually 100% sure that I will actually use this character in my comic series ‘Mystery Club’ but I might…

If he does appear however, it will be in the next arc ( the 3rd one) which is going to begin in about 5 months? Maybe? I still have 2 more volumes of the 2nd arc to write.

Speaking of the 2nd arc, if this character really is going to appear in the 3rd arc he might just appear in the background of the 2nd arc first, just as a hint!

So, to conclude, if this character does appear at some point in the 2nd arc then that is an indication that he will be an important character in the 3rd arc!!! So look out for him, ’cause he might just appear!! (Or he might not…)



Sky Blue and Ink Black

This illustration is unfinished I still have to finish the roses in the background but apart from that everything else is finished! This painting is of Relte, a character from my comic, Mystery Club.

The picture quality is terrible so the colour looks kinda strange…. WHY….!!!

There is another painting that I am working on (similar to this one) of another character from my comic but I have no idea if I’m ever going to finish it…

See you in my next blog post (hopefully…)




Here is another sketch! Cause that’s pretty much all I ever post on this blog! WOOO!

This is a sketch of characters from my comic Mystery Club. The pink colour was added by hand with copic markers because copic markers are seriously amazing! If you are an artist and you have never used them then I’m telling you now, YOU SHOULD!

The yellow light was added using Photoshop, it doesn’t look all that great but that’s due to the fact that I was rushing because I had a lot of pictures to edit. PLEASE FORGIVE ME!!





Night, Night Professor…

Isn’t this so cute? I know,  it’s weird that I actually drew Amy being nice to Professor Loco I normally draw these 2, irritating the heck outta each other (well mainly Amy annoying Loco or Loco just being a jerk) but for once I actually drew a nice picture of them.

Loco, in this picture, has been working and has feel asleep at his desk and Amy is putting a blanket over him. By the way these characters are from my comic Mystery Club.