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The New Cover is Revealed!

Finally, I’ve came up with a cover for (the soon to be available) volume 6 of my comic book series ‘mystery club’!

Before this I started, yet didn’t finish, so many drawings! *sigh* I’m so glad I finally came up with an idea that I liked and managed to stick to it! In this drawing there are two new characters who haven’t been in any of the other volumes and are making their first appearance in this up coming book so… eh…. Hooray…For them!


Anyway I’m glad I finally managed to get a cover done! p.s- it took 2 day, which, I think is quite good!


Okay, see ya soon, (hopefully…)




Dekko Sketches

This character is actually not from my comic ‘Mystery Club’ she is actually from ‘Dekko Comics’.

Dekko Comics is a comic book created by Rossie Stone, it’s aim is to help children learn in a fun way! So if you are of primary school age than you should definitely check out the comic!





Volume 6 sneaky peek!

Okay here we have a page from the mystery club volume I’m working on now.

I don’t think I can really say anything about it without having to explain what happened in the last 2 volumes and there’s no way I’m gonna try and do that… Sorry.

(hope to see you in my next blog post.)



Zoisite Art

Yep, more fanart… this time it’s sailor moon related!

So for some reason I have been watching anime for years and yet I’ ve never watched the classic anime sailor moon! Weird right?

So I watched it a few days ago (well I watched like the first 40 episodes there are freakin’ hundreds of them…) And for some odd reason Zoisite was my favourite character, seriously I was so sad when he died!!!

Anyway I decided to do a piece of art dedicated to him!

By the way does anyone think he looks almost Disney princess-like in this ’cause I do (maybe that’s just me…)

Oh well I think that’s all I have to say about this illustration of everyone’s favourite murderous lil’ rat!

See ya in my next post! (hopefully…)



Breaking Heart

WOOOOOOOOO!!! MORE FANTASTIC BEASTS FAN ART!!! Don’t you just feel sorry for poor Credence here and pretty much all the time ( by the way I deliberately drew Credence different from the way he looks in the film ’cause it’s funner for me to come up with my own design for the character!)

I’m not sure if you’ve seen Fantastic Beasts but if you have didn’t you just feel so sorry for him throughout the duration of the film and that moment when Percival slaps him, every time I see it I feel like someone is ripping my heart in half, I can’t stand it! I JUST WANT POOR CREDENCE TO BE HAPPY!!!!

Everyone who cares about Credence should join forces if you ask me and we should demand that J. K Rowling gives him a happy ending!!!! He’s been through so much, JUST LET HIM BE HAPPY!!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Alrighty…I’m done now… see ya!




Quiet, Brat-kins!!!

Yeah, this was a veeery quick sketch from ages ago of a character from my comic Mystery Club, I’m going to really say anything about this drawing ’cause I’ve got so many sketches I have to post tonight ’cause I’m sooooooooo busy tomorrow doing work for a company called Dekko Comics!

‘Kay, see ya in my next post!!!



The Worst ROCK Joke Ever!

Sigh…here’s another one that I tried and most likely failed to translate…I not even gonna bother translating it back into English for you because it’s only a really, really bad joke, so bad that I doubt I would even be classed as a joke…

Sigh…… What was I even thinking?!?!

By the way, the characters are from my comic Mystery Club.

Well then see ya in my next post, it will be a sketch, there are going to be a lot of sketches so be prepared!



Eh…Right, rock!

Here is another illustration of characters from my comic Mystery Club! p.s. In case you’re wondering, my comic is in English, but in this sketch I tried (emphasis on the word, tried ) to translate it into Japanese. I do not speak Japanese, I just wanted to try and translate this just for the sake of it!

Okay, so here’s basically what it says…

Pinky Rock – ” ROCK! ”

Amy– ” Uh! eh… Yeah! Stone!!!”

Then the last bit of writing (hopefully) says “Amy and Pinky

Right, byyyyyeeeee! see ya in my next post, it will be another sketch!!!



Just Some Cute Li’l Relte Sketches!

Okay I am going to be posting a lot of hand drawn sketches so I’m not really going to say all that much about each one but I will say a little bit so here we goooooooooooooooooo!!!!

This is a cute little sketch I done a few weeks ago I think? It is of characters from my comic Mystery Club! Look I don’t mean to show of or sound annoying right now, BUT I THINK I DONE A PRETTY DAMN GOOD JOB TAKING THIS PICTURE AND EDITING IT!!!

Okay people, let’s all just consider the fact that I’m not a photographer or an editor and let’s all just look at the picture again with that in mind! Pretty good, isn’t it?!! RIGHT!! Right!? Right…?………………….

Okay find if you’re going to be like that then I’ll just leave…


*walks away then starts crying then shouts…*