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What Black Butler Does to Your Mind!!!

Okay, so I am also a Black Butler fan as well as a Fantastic Beasts fan, I am a very big black butler fan and I love the manga and the anime (apart from season 2) but dang, does Black Butler know how to change how you would imagine a demon to be!!!

LOOK AT SEBASTIAN IN THAT COW OUTFIT!!! I mean why?! why is he wearing that pink cow costume!!! WHHYYYYY?!?!?! Seriously can someone tell me, I just…I just don’t understand….


Bad hair!

Right, okay! I know this is the stupidest blog post possible to post but ya know what, this is my stupid blog and it can be as stupid as stupidly possible so let’s get on with the stupidity!

So yeah, you know when you look up your name…(you do that don’t you?! I know you do it , IT CAN’T JUST BE ME!!! Can it…?)

Anyway when you look up your name you do not want to find a picture like this! THIS IS WHAT A CONVENTION DOES TO YOU, CHILDREN!!! THIS IS WHAT IT DOES…!

P.s. This was taken at Rai-con, it was getting late, I was having to pose for pictures, some kind of weird animal just had to chose my head to crawl on to to die but despite that it was so enjoyable!

I met many other comic book artists and writers and I also met Rossie Stone who has his own business called Dekko comics (I might speak more about that in another post) anyway if you have wrote a comic or made artwork or something similar, seriously, try and get a stall at a convention or even just go to a convention! You will meet so many people who can help you there!

Right, I think that’s enough rambling now…see ya in my next post! (hopefully…?)