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Another fancy little photo of a sketch look at the fancy books! LOOK AT THEM!

Can you guess what any of them are, if you’re a geek like me you probably can!

Oh, by the way the character in the picture is Relte and is from my comic Mystery Club spelt R , e , l , t  and of course you can’t forget that e!


See ya in my next post.





Breaking Heart

WOOOOOOOOO!!! MORE FANTASTIC BEASTS FAN ART!!! Don’t you just feel sorry for poor Credence here and pretty much all the time ( by the way I deliberately drew Credence different from the way he looks in the film ’cause it’s funner for me to come up with my own design for the character!)

I’m not sure if you’ve seen Fantastic Beasts but if you have didn’t you just feel so sorry for him throughout the duration of the film and that moment when Percival slaps him, every time I see it I feel like someone is ripping my heart in half, I can’t stand it! I JUST WANT POOR CREDENCE TO BE HAPPY!!!!

Everyone who cares about Credence should join forces if you ask me and we should demand that J. K Rowling gives him a happy ending!!!! He’s been through so much, JUST LET HIM BE HAPPY!!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Alrighty…I’m done now… see ya!




Fantastic Beasts / Mystery Club crossover!

Okay, I am a massive Fantastic Beasts fan seriously I even have the script and I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve read it but all you have to know is I’ve read it to many times. Anyway what was i gonna say…..yeah, I’ve also drawn my fair share of fan art but this sketch is different I decided to draw some characters from my comic Mystery Club as characters from the film! Right so i’m going to try and explain who is meant to be who so wish me luck!

The character at the front with the suit case is Professor Loco he is meant to be Newt.

The girl to the right is called Amy Abnobotchi and she is meant to be Tina.

The lovely  little weirdo in the pink outfit is Pooty and he is dressed as Queenie.

The grump in the second row to the left is Tiger and he is being Graves

and the person next to him is Relte who is meant to be Credence.

Finally the woman at the back is Pinky Rock who is Madam Picquery.

Sigh…. that took a while…and honestly I would be

shocked if anyone actually bothered to read any of it!

Yeah…oh well! see you in my next blog…post…update…thingy…WHATEVER IT’S CALLED!!!

Alright, byeee~