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Loco in Loonyland

Yeah, in case anyone hasn’t noticed, this is a (sort of ) parody of Alice in Wonderland with my character Amy Abnobotchi as the Mad Hatter and another one of my characers, Professor Loco, as Alice!

( *snigger*  Look at Amy ( Mad Hatter) casually pouring tea on Loco’s (Alice’s) head, poor him…)

See ya soon! (Hopefully…)




(by the way, these characters are from my comic Mystery club.)

Another new character! (maybe…)

Here is another character design, I’m not actually 100% sure that I will actually use this character in my comic series ‘Mystery Club’ but I might…

If he does appear however, it will be in the next arc ( the 3rd one) which is going to begin in about 5 months? Maybe? I still have 2 more volumes of the 2nd arc to write.

Speaking of the 2nd arc, if this character really is going to appear in the 3rd arc he might just appear in the background of the 2nd arc first, just as a hint!

So, to conclude, if this character does appear at some point in the 2nd arc then that is an indication that he will be an important character in the 3rd arc!!! So look out for him, ’cause he might just appear!! (Or he might not…)



Sky Blue and Ink Black

This illustration is unfinished I still have to finish the roses in the background but apart from that everything else is finished! This painting is of Relte, a character from my comic, Mystery Club.

The picture quality is terrible so the colour looks kinda strange…. WHY….!!!

There is another painting that I am working on (similar to this one) of another character from my comic but I have no idea if I’m ever going to finish it…

See you in my next blog post (hopefully…)



Peaero – Original Character Design

Here we have the first ever drawing of Peaero (a character from my comic Mystery club).

His name is pronounced  pea (the food) – e (like the ‘e’ in egg) – row (as in, rowing a boat)


I’ve finished now, see you in my next post (hopefully…)




A Nice Night In for The Mystery Club!

Here is a cute sketch of 6 characters from my comic Mystery Club. I drew this, maybe… A month ago, possibly…? And have just now got round to posting it.

The original sketch actually wasn’t coloured I just added the colour using Photoshop, it looks more interesting that way (it kinda looks like a sticker doesn’t it?)

Tonight I am going to be posting a lot of sketches (hopefully) so be prepared! 2 of them are going to be the first ever drawings of characters from my comic! Speaking of which, at some point I should post some VERY early drawings of the main characters, they looked so different it’s freaky…




Okay I normally don’t post any of my illustrations on my blog but I decided for some reason just to post this one…

I have a folder on my computer where I keep stuff that I’m going to put on my blog and for some reason this illustration was in that folder so I decided just to post it but I don’t really know why.

I actually drew this a few months ago and I have already posted it on deviantart.

Well I can’t really think of anything else to say so, see ya in my next post (hopefully)




Another sneaky peek!

Right, here is another Mystery club page from the volume I’m working on right now! Once again there isn’t much I can say about it without having to explain exactly what happened in the last 2 volumes so I’m not even going to bother trying…

Once again sorry…

(I hope to see you in my next post!)





Here is a sketch of characters from my comic Mystery Club their names are Pinky Rock and Relte. I’m don’t think there’s all that much to say about this sketch so I’m just going to speak a little about the characters.

Pinky Rock is the character on the right, she is a rock star, she calm, intelligent and cool.

Relte is the other character she is cheeky, sometimes sweet (or at least, pretends to be) and she is flirty.

I don’t think I really have anything else to say so, see ya soon (hopefully…?)