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Loco in Loonyland

Yeah, in case anyone hasn’t noticed, this is a (sort of ) parody of Alice in Wonderland with my character Amy Abnobotchi as the Mad Hatter and another one of my characers, Professor Loco, as Alice!

( *snigger*  Look at Amy ( Mad Hatter) casually pouring tea on Loco’s (Alice’s) head, poor him…)

See ya soon! (Hopefully…)




(by the way, these characters are from my comic Mystery club.)

Sky Blue and Ink Black

This illustration is unfinished I still have to finish the roses in the background but apart from that everything else is finished! This painting is of Relte, a character from my comic, Mystery Club.

The picture quality is terrible so the colour looks kinda strange…. WHY….!!!

There is another painting that I am working on (similar to this one) of another character from my comic but I have no idea if I’m ever going to finish it…

See you in my next blog post (hopefully…)




Here is another sketch! Cause that’s pretty much all I ever post on this blog! WOOO!

This is a sketch of characters from my comic Mystery Club. The pink colour was added by hand with copic markers because copic markers are seriously amazing! If you are an artist and you have never used them then I’m telling you now, YOU SHOULD!

The yellow light was added using Photoshop, it doesn’t look all that great but that’s due to the fact that I was rushing because I had a lot of pictures to edit. PLEASE FORGIVE ME!!





Night, Night Professor…

Isn’t this so cute? I know,  it’s weird that I actually drew Amy being nice to Professor Loco I normally draw these 2, irritating the heck outta each other (well mainly Amy annoying Loco or Loco just being a jerk) but for once I actually drew a nice picture of them.

Loco, in this picture, has been working and has feel asleep at his desk and Amy is putting a blanket over him. By the way these characters are from my comic Mystery Club.




Peaero – Original Character Design

Here we have the first ever drawing of Peaero (a character from my comic Mystery club).

His name is pronounced  pea (the food) – e (like the ‘e’ in egg) – row (as in, rowing a boat)


I’ve finished now, see you in my next post (hopefully…)




Dart – Original Character Design

Here is the first ever drawing of Dart, a character from my comic Mystery Club.

As you can see there are a lot of scored out words at the bottom of the picture, they are from when I was trying to come up with his name (don’t ask why I called him Dart, I don’t even know!)

Okay! See ya in my next blog post (hopefully) it will probably be another ‘first character design’!



Another sneaky peek!

Right, here is another Mystery club page from the volume I’m working on right now! Once again there isn’t much I can say about it without having to explain exactly what happened in the last 2 volumes so I’m not even going to bother trying…

Once again sorry…

(I hope to see you in my next post!)