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This is an illustration of three characters from my comic Mystery Club. The man on the right (yeah that’s right, man ). His name is Saffron the woman in the middle is Pinky Rock and the little clingy maniac is Amy Abnobotchi. They are all very confident characters so I thought I would draw them altogether! The 2 characters on the right are both rock stars and the child would love to be a rock star so they also all have this in common!

I also just really enjoy drawing Amy and Pinky together, I think of them almost as sisters (though they’re not related) Pinky as the cool yet kind older sister and Amy as the immature younger sister who really looks up to her older sister.

In this illustration Amy is almost being ignored by Pinky but that is only for comedic purpose, in the comic Pinky is actually very good with Amy and makes her feel included!

Saffron is yet to appear in the comic but when he does appear you will find out that he is friends with Pinky.

Alright I think that’s all I have to say about this sketch! see ya soon (hopefully…?)