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This once again a drawing that I drew by hand then coloured on Photoshop (the background, however, I didn’t colour blue it just turned out that way…) maybe I’m just a bad photographer… 🙁

p.s – Relte, the character on the left, is actually lookin’ smaller than usual… Maybe Relte is younger in this picture, I’m not sure…?




The Worst ROCK Joke Ever!

Sigh…here’s another one that I tried and most likely failed to translate…I not even gonna bother translating it back into English for you because it’s only a really, really bad joke, so bad that I doubt I would even be classed as a joke…

Sigh…… What was I even thinking?!?!

By the way, the characters are from my comic Mystery Club.

Well then see ya in my next post, it will be a sketch, there are going to be a lot of sketches so be prepared!



Eh…Right, rock!

Here is another illustration of characters from my comic Mystery Club! p.s. In case you’re wondering, my comic is in English, but in this sketch I tried (emphasis on the word, tried ) to translate it into Japanese. I do not speak Japanese, I just wanted to try and translate this just for the sake of it!

Okay, so here’s basically what it says…

Pinky Rock – ” ROCK! ”

Amy– ” Uh! eh… Yeah! Stone!!!”

Then the last bit of writing (hopefully) says “Amy and Pinky

Right, byyyyyeeeee! see ya in my next post, it will be another sketch!!!