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I’m Changing Volume 1! (Sort Of…)

Yo, readers! This post is pretty much just to tell you that I am actually changing volume 1!!!

Well actually by changing it I just mean I’m going to be typing out all of the text instead of leaving it hand written. To be honest this probably isn’t necessary but I’m gonna do it anyway just for my own satisfaction because i just feel like my hand writing in that book      is so messy, it just get’s on my nerves!!!

Anyway I have to attempt to change all the writing in the next couple of days so I can print out more volume 1’s and have them arrive in time for the next convention!

So wish me luck…



A1 Comics sells my comic!

Yesterday A1 Comics (a comic book shop in Glasgow) bought some more of my comics so now they also have every volume in the series so far!!

So if ya happen to be in Glasgow at any point and you walk past A1 Comics, you can just think to yourself ‘That shop has every volume of the Mystery Club and I’m probably the only one who knows! ‘