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The Worst ROCK Joke Ever!

Sigh…here’s another one that I tried and most likely failed to translate…I not even gonna bother translating it back into English for you because it’s only a really, really¬†bad joke, so bad that I doubt I would even be classed as a joke…

Sigh…… What was I even thinking?!?!

By the way, the characters are from my comic Mystery Club.

Well then see ya in my next post, it will be a sketch, there are going to be a lot of sketches so be prepared!



Come On!!!

This is an illustration of Professor Loco he is a scientist and the legal guardian of the main character Amy Abnobotchi. He is intelligent, bad tempered, quite violent but caring deep down though he is terrible at showing it.

In this sketch he is heading off to solve a mystery, he is in the process of putting on his jacket and he is talking to Amy Abnobotchi who is just behind him.

Okay that’s pretty much it, I’m not sure I have anything else to say so…see ya in my next post (hopefully).